Business Network

It is clear how important is the network for a business, but what is the appropriate way to make partnership or do business with Iranian SME’s?

We offer two ways:

Online: Our B2B platform is an efficient way to grow your business network by yourself and find a business partner in Iran.

As soon as you register your business in our website then you will own your individual web page which allows you to introduce your business, your products or services for free and make it visible for your target group in Iran and grow your business connection in Iran.

Offline: You subscribe in our website or send an email with a description of your business and your needs, then we will connect you with your appropriate suppliers or buyers in Iran by searching in our local data sources. For this service you will pay a partial fee.

Commercial Facilities 

There are many great potentials and opportunities in the Iranian market but on the other hand, it could be complicated if you are not familiar enough with this market. What we do is facilitate to do business in this market with some commercial services as below:

Consultancy: Market research, Feasibility study, Industry risk analysis, Competition analysis, Legal Advise, Investment Advise, Franchise and Sales Representative Agreement

Establishment: Company registration, recruitment, land and office, Brand Registration, Online Presence

Import & Export: Shipping, Custom Processes, Quality Inspection

Financial Services: Payment, Credit Assessment, Tax and Accounting

Events & Meetings: Exhibition visit, Providing Pavilion, Coordination with Iranian Chambers of Commerce

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