IranCommerce is a private leading company which is dedicated to supplying high-quality saffron that has been operating since 2014. IranCommerce Group has now active offices in Tehran and Hamburg and exports tons of grade A saffron to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Harvested in high-quality farms, our saffron is being handpicked to preserve its quality since saffron must be picked by hands individually and then dried in best conditions. The saffron is then tested by our experts to ensure its purity as we deeply care about our end user’s health and we believe that they deserve the finest organic saffron.

Our company is well-known for its strict delivery period and competitive prices. At IranCommerce, we always have thrived to assure the quality of our products by acquiring the highest standards.

With the growing need of the market in mind, IranCommerce Group now offers its products in both retail and bulk packing; any kind of saffron in any type of packaging is available here. You can also have our products packaged with your brand in Iran with fairest prices and delivered to anywhere around the globe that you desire.

Our customers take the advantages of cooperating with us as below: 

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First-hand supplier

Quality assurance

Certified supplier

Private Label Packing 

World wide delivery

Easy and Secure Payment

Chemical Analysis

Here you can find a sample of our saffron chemical analysis according to our customer requirements in Germany.

Please consider the sales conditions as below:

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 1 Kg

Delivery terms: FOB/CIF

Payment method: TT/Payment in advance

Packing: Carton

Sample: Max 30 gram

For further information you can also send a message or make a call to our executive manager as below:

Contact Person: Mr. Arman Allahyari

WhatsApp number: 00989384101683

Email: [email protected]

Tehran, Iran